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All-terrain forklift

Nowadays, there are different models and modifications of all terrain forklift trucks. There is need to mention, however, that there has not been any general accepted classification.

All terrain forklifts are high performance industrial equipment that are built with an advanced hydraulic system. They feature a hydrostatic transmission, hydrostatic steering, side shift, container masts, excellent vision, and driver comfort among other features. They work in difficult conditions where the terrain may be rough or has limited access, whose compact dimensions and exceptional performance have proved to be a cut above the rest. They are assembled to handle heavy-duty applications in areas that may be sloppy, uneven, wet or unpaved.

All terrain forklifts are available in 2WD and 4WD and have a larger, wider wheel base which enhances its grip and stability on the ground. They have better suspension in comparison to other forklifts which makes them a handy option for different types of terrain. Additionally, they are extensively tested to ensure durability in demanding situations; from remote regions to building sites. Thanks to their performance reliability, all terrain forklift trucks have been considered to work for many years and remain in perfect condition even with continued use. Their technical and functional input is closely monitored by major brands that devise newer versions with the last technical achievements in mind. The forklift today is acclaimed as indispensable equipment in most manufacturing and warehousing operations.

All-terrain forklift

All-terrain forklift


There are many brands in the market today and major manufacturers have raised the bar by incorporating advanced functional features in their latest forklifts. Raymond by Toyota whose base is in Aichi, Japan is the leading brand with Kion Group second Hyster by NACCO industries, U.S.A, Jungheinrich from Hamburg Germany, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift by Sagamihara Machinery Works Sagimura, Japan, Manitou France following close with its Manitou brand.