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The compressor is industrial equipment constructed with the aim of inducing the pressure increase of a fluid which is in gaseous state, which may be air, steam, hydrogen or other gas. Furthermore, according to the equation developed by Clapeyron, when the gas is compressed, the gas temperature increases. This machine belongs to miscellaneous equipment that is most of the time used on construction sites but also at home.

This special machine used on construction sites may be of two different main types, according to their operating principle. This principle divides this type of miscellaneous equipment into two branches:
• Static compressor (alternative and Rotary)
• Dynamic Compressors (Axial and Centrifugal)

Static compressors (positive displacement)
In this case, the gas is compressed in a chamber whose volume change is induced by a piston. This piston is connected to a mechanism similar to that existing in alternative engine (crank drive). When the gas is compressed to a certain value, opens a valve that delivers air at a pressure always constant.
In the static type rotary compressor, there is a rotor which is mounted within a housing in which there is an eccentric. There are movable vanes in the rotor, and the air existing between each two pallets compresses as the rotor rotates. The movement gives the name to this category.

Dynamic Compressors

In this case, its main components are an impeller and a diffuser. The impeller is provided with blades, and as it rotates, it causes the received energy of a driver is transferred to gas. Then, the flow that is established in the impeller is to be received by the diffuser. The diffuser is a fixed component which promotes the transformation of kinetic energy of the gas enthalpy. This eventually results in a gain of pressure. In the dynamic compressor compression process takes place continuously. For this reason the machine is called that way.



There are several applications that use compressors. The simplest application is the compression of air. But there are also more complex applications, such as the transport of natural gas, CO2 injection of underground reservoirs of hydrocarbons and in compression refrigeration cycles.


The most known manufacturers producing this miscellaneous equipment are: Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Compare, Holman, Sullair and Kaeser. These firms offer a wide range of machines on MachineryZone. Other manufacturers are: Worthington Creyssensac, Lacmé and Battioni Pagari.