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Container Handler

A container handler is a specialized type of forklift designed expressly to handle large containers, such as the ones found in dockyards. These containers need to be loaded and unloaded from the yard on to a variety of transports, such as trucks or trains. As you can expect, container handlers have to handle very heavy loads, and must also maintain the center of balance of the container during transport.

Container handlers are usually powered by kerosene, but some smaller models are powered by electricity. All container handlers are counterbalanced to prevent the truck from toppling over when the container is in the raised position. As with all forklifts the accident rate is very high, primarily stemming from forklifts being used incorrectly and being operated by people who have been incorrectly trained. It is the responsibility of the container handler owner to ensure that all operators are properly trained and operate the forklift in a safe and responsible manner.

Container Handler

Container Handler


Toyota Industries from Japan, KION Group and Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp from Germany are the primary producers of forklift trucks in the world, selling thousands of forklifts per year. These forklifts are found all over the world, and make maintenance and purchase of these trucks easy wherever you are.

There is also a thriving second hand market, which is more regionally diverse. Primary brands that are sold in Europe include Hyster, Caterpillar and Linde. Australia also buys a lot of Hyster as well as Omega forklifts. Caterpillar is quite popular in the US, and Toyota is the leading manufacturer in Asia. As most brands build forklifts that are reliable, the most important consideration should be the tonnage and applicability of the container handler to your needs, at a cost that is suitable to you.