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Diesel forklift

Forklift & Diesel forklift - How it has started

Diesel forklifts are the most popular type of forklift. Like gasoline, LPG and electric forklifts they are a kind of material handling equipment (and also construction equipment). They're widespread in factories, warehouses, harbours, hipermarkets and every place with pallet storage system.

Diesel forklifts are preferred for outdoor locations. Contrary to electric forlifts they can't work indoors because of the noise and exhaust gases emission which can be dangerous. However, diesel forklifts have the advantage over electric ones that they don't need to be recharged. A diesel forklift can work all day round and has just to be refuelled when the fuel is short. Its power and lifting capacity outstrips electric forklifts too (it can even work with a trailer). With their high-performance engines diesel forklifts allow to save both energy and time.

Diesel fuel passes as cheaper as petrol or propane. Moreover, the fuel tank of a diesel forklift doesn't limit the manoeuvrability. Unlike propane forklifts with an external tank, diesel ones have an internal fuel system what allows to move without difficulties.

Diesel forklift

Diesel forklift

How to use a diesel forklift ?

The advantages of diesel and electric forklifts have been connected in a Toyota hybrid vehicle. In 2009 the Japanese manufacturer created a diesel-electric forklift which uses only battery power while driving and combines the battery with the diesel engine while lifting a load. Its lifting capacity is 3.5 t. According to Toyota it consumes 50% fewer fuel and produces 50% fewer exhaust fumes.

Diesel forklifts, together with other kinds of material handling machinery, are manufactured by eg. Toyota, Crown, Jungheinrich, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, Nissan, TCM, Doosan Infracore, Clark, Manitou, Hyundai, Hyster and Yale.