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Gas Forklift

Gas Forklifts

A forklift is a piece of equipment often used in the construction industry for transportation. It is basically a heavy duty truck which can be loaded with all the heavy equipment often used in the construction, manufacturing and warehousing industry. Gas forklifts are basically those that are powered by petrol, in contrast with those powered by diesel, electricity or Liquid Propane.

The benefit of a gas forklift as compared to other types is that it is environmental friendly.Gas forklifts produce a nominal amount of emissions, making them useless for indoor use. But they are mostly used for warehousing or moving goods from outdoors to be stored indoors. Another advantage of gas forklifts is that they are cheaper due to being less taxed and is safer because of its lower pressure. The refueling is also faster for gas forklifts as compared to the other types. The decision to purchase a gas forklift must be made after considering the load weight of the goods to be transported

Gas Forklift

Gas Forklift


This equipment is often used in transporting heavy material from the warehouse to the site. Invented in the 1920s, the gas forklift is now an indispensable part of some industries.



Many different countries around the world manufacture gas forklifts, but the first to invent them was Clark Yale & Towne Manufacturing. Today, gas forklifts are manufactured by Caterpillar, TCM, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, etc.

Companies in Japan, UK and USA produce the highest number of gas forklifts, which are then exported to all parts of the world, and used in several different industries where heavy-duty goods need to be moved around.