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Mini Diggers

A mini digger or mini excavator is a wheeled or tracked vehicle with a varying weight of 0.7 to 7.5 tons. It almost always comes with a backfill blade and sometimes even a boom swing.

Mini Diggers

Mini Diggers

Hydraulic mini diggers are somewhat different from other construction equipment in that all movement and functions of the machine are accomplished through the transfer of hydraulic fluid. The compact mini digger's work group and blade are activated by hydraulic fluid acting upon hydraulic cylinders. The excavator's slew (rotation) and travel functions are also activated by hydraulic fluid powering hydraulic motors.

Their smaller frame and precision control make mini diggers undeniably useful and practical in urban engineering and personal construction projects for example on home construction and repairs specifically in areas too small for larger equipment. Their versatility and compact size makes them one of the most popular urban construction vehicles. For larger projects, a tracked excavator is generally used.

In more modern times, compact small tractors from manufacturers such as Kubota have become increasingly popular with private homeowners. Subcompact tractors are the size between a mini digger and lawn tractor and are also often sold in backhoe loader setup, sometimes with a belly-mounted mowing deck also included. These tractors offer private homeowners the ability to perform minor excavation projects without the full cost of hiring a labor force and materials.