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Mobile cranes

A mobile crane is any crane that has mobility and is occasionally transporting a load.  However, in general parlance, a "mobile crane" tends to be a rubber-wheeled crane vehicle. An advantage of the mobile crane is its simplicity of mobility and its litheness in handling diverse loads or freight rapidly.

Mobile cranes

Mobile crane

Mobile cranes often function using a boom or a truss from which has a hook, suspended by a cable or wire rope and sheaves, at the end.  The cable wires are operated by an initial agent, which varies based on the designers, being used through a variety of transmissions. Examples range from electric motors, steam engines and internal combustion engines (IC). 

Older cranes are probably suited with clutched transmissions. This was modified later on when using internal combustion engines to match the steam engines capacity of having maximum torque at zero speed with the addition of a hydrokinetic element culminating in controlled torque converters. The electronic control of hydrostatic drives gives this arrangement an advantage which for size and other considerations is becoming standard.

Pertinent examples of this kind of crane are demolition cranes with the demolition ball or an earthmover with a clamshell bucket or a dragline and scoop, although the details of the designs can ultimately limit their efficiency and success.