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Forklift Trucks

A forklift truck or a forklift is an industrial truck, which runs on gasoline or electricity, used in lifting, transporting and placing heavy object and materials. Contemporary trucks were developed in the 1920s and from that time onwards they have become an irreplaceable piece of machinery in many warehousing and manufacturing operations.
Forklifts have many specifications which allow them to perform multiple tasks in different environments. They are able to run on an electric motor, combustion or diesel engines. The worker either sits or stands or handles the forklift manually. The vehicles have air or cushion tires, and can be used inside and outside as well. The Forklifts can have forks which move sideways, moreover they are often small in order to fit into narrow aisles, and are used to lift and transport things as well as tow them.

Forklift Trucks

Forklift Trucks

The main brands which manufacture forklift trucks are Toyota, Raymond, Mitsubishi, CAT, Nissan, Barrett, Atlet, Linde, Still OM, Baoli, Jungheinrich, Crown, Hamech, Hyster and Yale. In 2010 most of the forklifts were ordered and shipped consecutively to Europe (245 512 units), Asia (314 307 units), two Americas (152 160 units), Oceania (14 468 units) and Africa (14 243 units).
The top ten manufacturers of forklift trucks which have occupied top positions for some time now come from Japan, Germany, USA and China. Japan seems to be the biggest manufacturer since five companies from that country, such as Toyota Industries, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc., Komatsu Utility Co., Nissan Forklift Corp. and TCM Corp. made the list with the biggest profits in 2010. Second place was given to Kion Group and Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. from Germany with a slightly smaller gain. Third place belongs to Crown Equipment Corp. and NACCO Industries from the USA. China made top ten with one company Anhui Forklift Group.