Ad quality control and validation policy

The key points to ensure a classified ad is published:

In general, it is prohibited to:

  • simultaneously have the same classified ad on the site several times over
  • insert the same classified ad in several departments or categories
  • indicate a link to another Internet site in the classified ad title and/or description
  • post a classified ad for publicity purposes (any profession)
  • post a classified ad with content that is illegal or against regulations, does not uphold moral standards or the spirit of publication and/or is liable to upset/shock readers
  • post an ad in a County other than in the one of the item to be sold
  • use a picture not representative of the item to be sold
  • use the same picture to illustrate several classified ads
  • describe a classified ad other than by the name of the product/item/object in question

Each classified ad should offer only one "item or service" for sale.
You may state in the comment that several identical items are available, if they are the same make, model and year. However, a detailed description of the latter may not be given in the body of the ad.

Example of a comment: “2 items available”

Exceptions may be tolerated in some categories:
Spare parts that make up the same machine
Storage equipment: may include a composite item, such as, for example: 3 x 100,000 kg units, etc.

Batches of identical equipment can be offered for sale but the price indicated must be a global price (unit prices refused)

Classified ads must be entered into the category corresponding to the "item or service" for sale.
An ad in the wrong category will be refused or reclassified if the details required for the new category are present in the ad.

If your "item or service” does not come within the category, use the "other" classification present in each category.

All fields marked with an asterisk "*" are required,and must be filled in.

If the make of your equipment, breed of your animal or size of the tires of your vehicle are not given in the list, they can be requested when entering your classified ad. In this case, please insert a picture of your "item or service" with the make apparent to facilitate validation.

Fill in the fields to the best of your ability, even if they are optional, as a detailed, precise classified ad will be of interest to a wider audience and your contacts will be more qualified.

Classified ad comments must give further details of the "item or service" for sale. Comments may not under any circumstances contain:

  • Web site, forum or social network Internet addresses, etc.
  • phone numbers or email addresses
  • publicity for special events (Grand openings, promotions or special sales days).
  • details of the seller's activity (Distributor of the following makes ../ ).
  • other classified sales ads or searches; "also selling / searching for"
  • offers to trade one item for another.
  • derogatory comments about a seller, make or other element.

The main picture in the classified ad must correspond only to the machine described in the ad.
It may come with non-contractual pictures or layouts (drawings, technical data sheets or specifications) but only as secondary pictures.
The same picture may not under any circumstances be displayed for several different classified ads.

A logo is permitted in the corner of the picture provided it does not hide the "item or service" for sale and does not take up too much space in the picture.
It is prohibited to include publicity or events on pictures.
Screenshots and comments are also prohibited.

Pictures taken from the Internet or manufacturer sites are subject to copyright and may only be used with the owner's consent. The advertiser will be liable for illegal use and legal action may be taken against offenders.

A classified ad with a picture is viewed 15 times more than one without a picture and an ad with 10 pictures is viewed 15 times more than one with only one picture. You can insert up to 10 pictures free of charge on Agriaffaires and Machineryzone. From now on, you will be able to go back and crop your pictures as you wish when entering your ad.

Our site also offers classified ads for new equipment as opposed to used equipment. This type of ad may only be placed by sales professionals.

For France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland: national distributors and equipment manufacturers are not authorised to publish classified ads for new equipment under the name their entities or under the name of any other entities that have senior management or majority shareholdings in common with their own entities.

Equipment is considered as being new when used for fewer than 20 hours or 50 km (display or demonstration equipment ).
Shopsoiled equipment may be considered as used equipment when signs or marks of wear are apparent on pictures.

For all new equipment ads: a picture of the equipment is compulsory and must correspond to the picture of the machine in the seller's stock.
Non-contractual pictures or layouts (drawings, technical data sheets or specifications) may be included but only as secondary pictures.
The equipment must be available immediately.
The insertion of a catalogue picture is permitted for spare parts.



This type of classified ad may only be placed by rental professionals.
Only one piece of equipment per ad may be offered.
The "Rental type" field is requireand must be filled in (with or without driver)
The price per day and amount of deposit are also compulsory
Only equipment may be offered for rental.

If a classified ad does not fit specifically into the sectors of activity on our sites (Agricuture or heavy construction), the classified ad will not be published.
We only accept ads of interest from a professional standpoint and not items for specific or domestic use (tableware, furniture, etc.)
If an ad does not come within an "Other" category, it should be classified under "Miscellaneous equipment" > other equipment" if it is mechanical or motorised, or under "Miscellaneous" if relating to other products (not subject to legislation) or inanimate equipment.

How to publish a search ad correctly

  • Select the category corresponding to the equipment sought
  • The ad title must be clear and explicit and should not contain a company name.
  • The ad may not under any circumstances contain offers of sale or services.
  • The advertising of a product, company or service is prohibited.
  • A phone call, e-mail, instant messaging or web address may not be indicated.
  • The ad must only contain one equipment or type of equipment.

Tip: be as precise as possible with your search criteria to increase your chances of finding a seller.

Specific details for the following Categories:

a) Cats/Dogs

In the context of classified ads for "Dogs and Cats", as per the French Rural Code, Article 276-5 dated 6 January 1999, the following details must be indicated in your ads:

  • Your SIRET or SIREN professional identification N°
  • The tattoo number for each puppy or, failing this, the tattoo number of the mother of the puppies and the number of puppies in the litter that are for sale.
  • The animal's age or date of birth
  • The existence or absence of registration with a State-recognised Book of Origin.

Any animal sold or given away must have been tattooed and vaccinated: specify "tattooed and vaccinated" .

It is strictly PROHIBITED to purchase, sell or give away category 1 dangerous dogs, that is to say, dogs not registered in a genealogical book recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, assimilated by their morphological characteristics to dogs of the following breeds:

  • Staffordshire terrier or American Staffordshire terrier (both types of dog are commonly known as "pit-bulls")
  • Mastiffs, commonly called "boer-bulls"
  • Tosas.

b) Farm animals

Each classified ad should relate to one animal only, except when a herd of the same species is being sold. Ads publicising open house orspecial events cannot be published.

The energy class of residential property (energy performance and greenhouse gas diagnoses) must be indicated: this is a legal requirement, introduced on 1st January 2011. The advertiser may be held liable if this is not the case.

Farming services: classified ads are only accepted from farmers and private individuals.
Entrepreneur services: classified ads are only accepted from farming companies and professionals with a legally registered business name.

Be careful, "GAEC" groupings of farmers cannot under any circumstances post classified ads for services since, as per Ministry of Agriculture Circular N° DGPAAT/SDEA/C2011-3032 dated 27/04/2011, “GAECs are not permitted to devote part of their activity to the provision of services.”

Machinery transport services are not accepted in this category. There is a directory of transport companies, since transport is subject to accreditation.

We accept only one type of straw or fodder for sale per classified ad.
Please enter one ad per type of straw / fodder or specify if it is a mixture.
Similarly, note that details such as the %age of Dry Matter are not accepted.

As per amended Decree N° 81-605 dated 18 May 1981, the sale of farm seed is prohibited. If you sell certified seed, please specify this in the text of your classified ad.

The distribution of phytosanitary products is regulated and any classified ads concerning these products must comply with current regulations. The advertiser may be held liable for failure to comply with these regulations.

On issuance by the government agency, a company's accreditation is displayed in establishments admitting the public, in the reception area or in the section where phytopharmaceutical products are on sale. A company can be clearly identified in its advertising materials and sales/technical documentation. It publicises its accreditation and specifies which activity/ies is/are approved whenever the phytopharmaceutical products are mentioned.