Avoid fraud

To buy and sell with peace of mind, we would like to give you some advice that will help you make secure transactions when buying or selling used equipment.

In general, be vigilant when dealing with someone abroad, particularly if the person is not a professional (dealer or wholesaler) and meet your contact before embarking upon a transaction.

If you have suspicions about a classified ad published on our site or if you receive questionable emails following the sale of equipment on our site, do not hesitate to let us know, using our contact form or the "report a problem" link available for every classified ad.

Beware. If you receive emails in poor French or English asking you for personal or bank account details or for a down-payment, do not answer! This is certainly a fraud. Quickly send us a copy to contact-en@machineryzone.com to enable us to curtail these practices.

You have just received an email or text message and are asked to call back someone interested in your classified ad on 0899... This is an attempt at fraud as this is a number charged at a premium. Do not hesitate to delete the email or text message.

Beware of overly enticing offers and excessively low prices. Never pay a seller you do not know in advance (do not make any down-payments). If in doubt, click on the «report a problem» link at the bottom of the classified ad page

We do not under any circumstances become involved as a trustworthy intermediary or third party in transactions between buyers and sellers. Systematically refuse any payment that might be requested in the name of our site.

2 basic rules:

Request payment by bank transfer

Once credited to your account, only a transfer guarantees you of payment. Refuse any other type of payment. Be aware that a cheque may be accepted when deposited but debited to your account several weeks later if it proves to be stolen, false or if there are insufficient funds on the account. Be aware that even a cashier's cheque can be a forgery.

Never release the equipment until you have a guarantee of payment

Check that the amount of the transfer has been credited to your account before shipping the machine (transfer receipts are of no value as they can be falsified).

Example of fraud:

A buyer sends you a cheque to buy your machine. The amount of the cheque is higher than the amount agreed: your contact pretends he is mistaken and asks you to return the difference. You deposit the cheque which is credited to your account. You send back the difference. A few weeks later, the check is debited from your account by your bank as it was a forgery, stolen or there were insufficient funds on the account!

3 basic rules

Print the classified ad

In this way, you retain technical details and information given by the seller.

Ensure the seller is genuine

Go and inspect the machine before purchase and meet the seller. If you do not want to go there, at least check his name, address and telephone number via the Yellow Pages for professionals or the White Pages for individuals. For international deals you can use the Infobel directory.

Only pay for the equipment on delivery

If you have to make a down-payment before delivery to secure the deal, obtain information on the seller (by calling his bank for example) and pay as little as possible.

Example of fraud:

You are offered equipment at an abnormally low price to get you to make a quick impulse purchase without obtaining guarantees as to the seller. You send off a down-payment and never receive the machine purchased.

What you should never do:

Send money via services such as Western Union or MoneyGram. Send money back to a buyer if a higher amount is sent to you in error.

If you are the victim of a scam, you need to file a complaint at the local police station.

1. Buyers and sellers, get together for the transaction.

2. Buyers, NEVER send money via the Post Office, Western Union,or other means.

3. Sellers, do not make any repayment in a time period of less than 15 days from the date of collection.

4. Beware of over-enticing proposals or excessively low prices.

5. MB Diffusion NEVER acts as a trustworthy intermediary or third party in transactions.