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Backhoe loaders which are generally referred to as backhoes are heavy construction vehicles that are made up of a tractor fixed with a bucket/shovel on the front as well as a small backhoe mounted on the back.

Because the backhoe loader is a smaller heavy machine and is quite versatile backhoe loaders are often seen in urban construction projects and small engineering projects such as repairing local urban streets and small and middle-sized housing projects.

Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loaders

The backhoe loader is known for its versatility and its ability to be used in small demolitions, construction, powering other building equipment, transporting light building materials, excavation and digging, landscaping, asphalt breaking, and road paving. The bucket of the backhoe can be replaced with mechanized attachments such as a grapple, breaker, auger, and the stump grinder. Attachments can have enhanced articulation with intermediate attachments such as the tilt rotator.

Most backhoes are built with a quick coupler mounting system and auxiliary hydraulic circuits for quick and simplified attachment mounting, augmenting the machine's exploitation on the work site. Loader buckets come sometimes as with a retractable bottom, which is known as a clamshell bucket in the construction world, allowing it to empty its load with speed and efficiency. Retractable-bottom loader buckets are also generally implemented for scraping and grading. The frontal assembly may be a demountable attachment or permanently fixed. The backhoe loader must already be outfitted with a tool coupler in order to mount different attachments to the loader. A tool coupler consists of two hydraulic cylinders on the end of the loader arm assembly which can expand and retract allowing different tools to be attached to the unit. Advanced coupler systems like the tilt rotator permit greater articulation of the attachments and reinforce the backhoe as an efficient tool carrier.

The backhoe loader is built as a top-heavy machine and the swinging weight of the backhoe can cause the vehicle to tip and consequently most backhoe loaders use hydraulic outriggers only at the rear when digging and then lower the loader bucket for any additionally desired stability. This however means that the bucket needs to be raised and the outriggers withdrawn when the vehicle is to change positions which in turn reduces efficiency. For this reason many companies sell mini tracked excavators which consequently sacrifice the loader capacity for improved digging efficiency.